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Balancing Numbers and Nutrition: Sustaining Energy During Busy Seasons

At RAiN, it’s pouring… Eish. 

Long hours of calculating, double-checking (and caffeinating) eventually wears down even the most dedicated among us. As our busy season unfolds at RAiN, prioritising our employees’ well-being becomes paramount.

Just as we diligently crunch numbers to expertly handle financial downpours, we must also be mindful of the fuel we put in our bodies. After all, staying on top of the game requires more than just financial prowess; it demands a nourished body and a focused mind.

The better the munch, the better the crunch – so to speak.

In this article, RAiN interviewed Monique Piderit, a seasoned dietitian, who shared valuable insights on nutrition in the workplace, how to maintain good health and sustain high levels of energy, especially during demanding times. It also highlights how employers can support and empower their employees to make healthier eating choices in these peak working seasons.

“Lettuce” begin (just couldn’t resist)!

Nutrition (still) matters 

In the prevalent context of self-care and a healthy lifestyle, healthy refuelling is undeniably crucial.


Neglecting the importance of nutritious food can have significant consequences on our overall well-being. Moreover, food plays a vital role in fuelling our immune system, keeping us healthy and helping us fight off infections and illnesses, especially during seasons like winter when such issues are more common.

Then why is this healthy dose of common sense such a seemingly rare commodity?

Common culprits crippling conscious choices

In the bustling environment of the workplace where we spend a significant amount of our time, it’s important to make mindful choices to prioritise our well-being. Yet, from the obvious to the sneaky, we often make choices that undermine our health without even realising it.

When the going gets tough, it’s just so easy to say yes to another ‘vetkoekie’, or to leave that trendy water bottle on the desk, or work through lunch while sipping on a bottomless coffee or tea as a quick fix to get you through the day. You’ve got your ‘boost’, but then solidly crash into the next drive-thru on your way home (or just get UberEats while you’re at it – you know, as a reward for your hard work, or even as revenge… take that, deadlines)!

No judgement here – we all have our not-so-obvious obvious unhealthy traps.

The thing is: these ‘traps’ become habits and these habits become a cycle of unhealthy eating patterns that can take a serious toll on our overall health and productivity. It’s all about instant satisfaction versus the long-term consequences.

For those who need a quick refresher on the immediate effects on our bodies when we consume certain foods or beverages, take a look here:

Over time, consistently high insulin levels can cause serious damage to the body, including inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. So, while big meals may give momentary satisfaction, the long-term effects can be harmful. As Piderit advises, the key is to be aware of these common mistakes, understand what it does to our bodies, and then make positive, practical changes to gain and sustain energy and avoid falling into these patterns for optimal overall well-being.

Fuelling success: plan it, ‘prep’ it, pack it

The more energy (fuel) you have, the higher chances are that you’ll eat those looming numbers and reports for breakfast.

By having nutritious options readily available, you are less likely to choose unhealthy alternatives. We know this is no ‘instant oat’ fix. Yet, you can yield positive effects on healthy refuelling in the immediate term by starting to make a few simple changes today.

Here’s how you can hack the current cycle with practical tips and routines:


Nourishing Workplace Wellness  

In the field of corporate wellness, workplace nutrition is often regarded as a mere checklist item by employees, resulting in limited engagement. RAiN, however, takes a more proactive and supportive stance in nurturing the well-being of its employees especially in ‘pressure cooker’ times.

RAiN recognizes the vital role of nutrition in maintaining productivity and overall health. Here are several strategies that we, as RAiN, are considering, and we encourage other employers to join us:

Tiny tweaks that accumulate over time eventually lead to bigger, lasting changes.

As the financial forecast gets busier at RAiN, nourishing employee well-being is a recipe for productivity.

Accounting for health counts in the long run – and our bodies will thank us for it.

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