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Agile Business Solutions in our Changing World

In the post-COVID-19 times, we are faced with the stark reality of having to either reinvent or adapt our entire business or products to ensure we can ride this tidal wave of change. How will businesses survive? Technology has given many businesses the ability to continue with operations thanks to online cloud-based solutions. But realistically […]

Online Learning – New Zealand experience can help South Africa

A new article by Terry Bell, featured in the Daily Maverick today, speaks of experience that South Africans can use, to cope with educating our children from home. The current state of our children’s future is being impacted by the lockdown and it’s revealing effect on the shortcomings of the education system. What the COVID-19 […]

Online Learning

The impact of COVID-19 on education in South Africa is something no one could have foreseen. The devastating effect of this pandemic on our education and the future of our children is immeasurable as it ripples through an already struggling system.   Having a vision for a better education system and dreaming of improving learner […]


COVID -19   Benefitting SMMES – Businesses which are negatively affected, directly or indirectly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic; Tax SARS has published a video on their website explaining some of the tax relief available. For more information, you can follow this link:   UIF to process COVID-19 TERS benefit to assist […]

Human Error Accounts for Over 30% of Data Loss

Australia is celebrating Privacy Awareness week (12 to 18 May 2019) under the theme “Don’t be in the dark on privacy”. In this spirit, a recent international study has revealed that, in conjunction with a breakdown within industries most susceptible to losing sensitive information, “simple mistakes” are responsible for more than a third of all […]

Global Public Perceptions on Audit & Contrasting Regulator Concerns

Despite global and increasing local concerns over audit quality and market competition; less than 20% of South Africans support the idea of an audit-only firm.  A new public survey of 1,000 members of the public by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) shows that 35% of all respondents do not believe that restrictions should […]

SAICA vs SAIBA: Perspectives on the Draft Transformation Charter for Accountants

The revised chartered accountancy profession sector code for transformation was recently gazetted for public comment by the Department of Trade and Industry, to boost transformation in the profession to reflect the demographics in South Africa. In response, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) issued a formal statement on the charter’s aim to grow […]

Reporting & Meeting REIMAGINED

Digital transformation and technological innovation, over the past two decades, has revolutionized how accounting and audit firms do business. RAiN has also undergone significant changes in how it operates and provides core services, as well as reimagining the role tax practitioners play in meeting clients’ ever-increasing advisory and consulting expectations. The industry is in a […]

The Link between Moving to the Cloud and Tax Practices’ Growth

The Link between Moving to the Cloud and Tax Practices’ Growth The irony incumbent in technological advancement is that it presents many opportunities for accounting, while at the same time failure to embrace it puts both businesses and clients at risk. In their heyday, Lotus 123 and Atari were the industry’s premium brands without peers […]

Minimizing the Risk of Client Audits

Minimizing the Risk of Client Audits The global trend toward curbing work-related expenses, by auditors and accountants alike, has come under increasing scrutiny. Authorities and regulators recognize that the tax gap for individuals, not in business, is driven primarily by incorrectly claimed work-related expenses. Common errors include claiming deductions where there is no connection to […]

The Paperless Practice

  “The paperless office” came about as a concept in the mid-1990s, with the evolution of business computing to the point where it could reduce, or even cut, paper from most forms of a workflow. The question is, what will this look like every day in audit and accounting practices?   In the past two […]

Probity Audits

Probity is having integrity, strong moral principles, honesty and transparency to ensure quality and compliance. RAiN offers probity audit or probity advisory services to public, and occasionally private sector, organisations that conduct tender processes, and that require assistance in ensuring the “integrity and uprightness” of the procurement process.

The value of culture

Creating a sense of purpose to increase productivity and profitability. An analysis of different business leaders’ experiences advocates that achieving higher productivity and profitability is directly related to their approach to business culture and creating a sense of purpose for their workforces.