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Agile Business Solutions in our Changing World

In the post-COVID-19 times, we are faced with the stark reality of having to either reinvent or adapt our entire business or products to ensure we can ride this tidal wave of change. How will businesses survive? Technology has given many businesses the ability to continue with operations thanks to online cloud-based solutions. But realistically how many of our businesses were ready to embrace this change and quickly adapt to make use of the technology available? How easy was it to get our teams in place to carry on with this new “business unusual”? How are we going to learn from this lockdown experience and what are we going to do to ensure business operate sustainably and cope with this devastating macroeconomic impact?

To make improvements within our organizations, being at the front-line of implementing new solutions for our clients, RAiN provides agile business solutions for remote financial and administrative functions.

Financial Management and Reporting

To downscale operations in an effective manner, businesses need to rethink their structure and consider in-sourcing support business functions. For example, a multi-branch company can execute admin functions including financial management, reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, all at head office in a centralized manner. This ensures standardized, objective reporting, and continuity of the functions. There are no excessive overhead spends on financial managers or accounting staff at each branch level. There are no concerns about staff taking lave and who can be trained to replace that employee for the interim, there is no training and handover time required.

But how can this work? When you have a full-time payroll clerk where the salary cost is fixed, as a business, you need to occupy the employee with additional tasks to ensure you get a value per ZAR spent on the salary cost. When you outsource the function, you only need to pay for the output required, which can reduce overheads substantially and provide the business with much-needed cash flow reserves.

RAiN takes on remote operational roles to support financial administration or related function in admin divisions for your business.

Salaries and Payroll

RAiN uses an online payroll platform where staff can apply for and managers can remotely approve leave. This is something to consider when for example thinking about administrative continuity in payroll, by having RAiN operate as an independent in-sourced operational function.

Everyone is uncertain about what is happening in the future for our businesses, and it may just be a good idea to have a “plan b” in place. Everything will work remotely to ensure continuity, and we have teams in Jhb, Mosselbay, and Klerksdorp who will be available to make sure everything will run as required operationally for your business.

We want to bring solutions to the table and support you where we can. For more information, please contact Jackie Steinschaden at jacquelines@b.rain.org.za