We don’t just consult.

We build meaningful and productive partnerships with the intent to add sustainable value in business optimisation which empower our partners. The better we know your business the better we can focus on opportunity and limit risks.

Advanced Data Analytics is at the core of everything we do and we inform our clients of detailed findings as and when they occur with high quality and integrity. We help our clients be proactive because we believe in foresight through insight.

Our strength lies in a collaborative approach and leveraging skill across various expertise within RAiN. We look at a business from many angles and align the views so the client knows where to focus.

Rain Foresight_Partnership_Collaboration

Rapid detection and analysis prevent losses.

Fraud means different things to different people. Due to this broad application, we have constructed a highly adaptable approach to Fraud Investigations and Forensic Audits.

Our advanced data analytics, digital fraud examination tools and techniques, coupled with real-time lifestyle tools assist in fraud detection, fraud risk analysis, prevention of losses and rapid results.

Our goal is to resolve allegations of fraud from inception to disposition. All tasks are planned and conducted in accordance with the standards of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and on the assumption that litigation may follow.

We provide an independent review of all processes and consult clients on whether laws, regulations, and procurement processes have been adhered to. With more than 10 years of experience, we provide probity audit and quality assurance services to clients in the public and private sector.

Harness the power of technology.

We act as translators, spanning the gap between IT and business.

The team is proficient in

  • IT Compliance and Risk
  • Programme Assurance
  • Digital Transformation

We deepen and expand existing IT processes and data, to ensure optimal efficiency, meeting strategic objectives.

There are a number of industry frameworks and practices which we leverage – our defined core methodology allows us to utilise components thereof in any scenario to add value to your business. Taking your IT-enablement to new heights.

Accuracy builds trust.

From processing transactions, management accounts and compilation of IFRS compliant financial statements to complex transaction advice, RAiN chartered accountants are highly competent.

Accurate financial information is the foundation of any business and facilitates excellent business decisions. To make these decisions, businesses can rely on a team of experienced accountants teamed with the latest technology to offer a forward thinking and trustworthy accounting service.

Technical technology led tax practice.

Available to both South African and foreign taxpayers RAiN assists all taxpayers in complying with South African tax legislation.

Our comprehensive array of services cover all tax compliance matters, including a

  • Tax registration and deregistration
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) returns
  • Income Tax returns
  • Provisional Tax returns
  • Dividend Tax returns
  • Share Transfer Tax (STT)returns
  • Payroll (PAYE) tax returns
  • Lodging tax-related disputes
  • Deferred payment arrangements on their behalf with the South African Revenue Services.

RAiN can also provide technical tax advice, opinions, guidance and insights on group tax structuring, all types of tax legislation and the application thereof and financial planning.

Reward on time, without issue.

Your people are your biggest assets and making sure they are rewarded on time and without issue, is a crucial step in keeping your business running smooth and growing.

By taking care of the entire payroll process for you, from managing employee benefits, to PAYE, IRP5s, UIF payments and general SARS admin, alongside payroll and compensation services, we allow you time to focus on getting the most out of your human capital.

Build a brand people trust.

RAiN Marketing designs and activates marketing strategies to help brands engage with their target audiences.

We offer bespoke corporate marketing and
communication outcomes that include various platforms, mediums and messages.

Our team of graphic designers, copywriters, creative thinkers, online marketing and social media specialists are highly skilled and experienced.