Understanding your business to anticipate risks and opportunities.

At RAiN, we apply a different approach to audits by assessing all areas of your business operations. Our professional and diverse expertise combined with advanced data analytics give us insight to identify core areas of both risk and opportunity in your business. We then develop a bespoke business strategy and audit plan, aligned to your unique business requirements and assurance needs.

Internal audits need to be exceptional.

Control, compliance, risk assessment and management, assurance, reporting… these concepts drive our audit practice.

Not many businesses have the time or inclination to conduct outstanding internal audits. We do, and thrive on it.

When it comes to conducting internal audits, we ensure that our clients comply with the Institute of Internal Auditors Standards and the Code of Ethics.

It is crucial that all reasonable- and limited assurance engagements as well as other non-assurance engagements comply with relevant international standards. Our team of experienced and qualified staff is dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients while also ensuring technical excellence. We firmly believe that ethics is the foundation of the Chartered Accountancy Profession, and we strive to provide quality services that uphold this principle and support our clients.

Strong data analysis builds trust.

We have a strong data analytics capability which allows us to execute our audits by means of a data-driven audit methodology to focus on the real exceptions our clients struggle with on a daily basis.

We construct a set of tools to deliver a fit-for-purpose service to our clients, in a practical, viable and sustainable manner.

Exception identification, predicted control failures, key performance indicators and insights fuel the IT practice at RAiN chartered accountants.

We support clients from an internal and external audit perspective. Additionally we support them independently through the execution of

  • IT General Control Reviews
  • Application Control Reviews
  • Business Cycle Control Reviews