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Assure a prosilient workforce by considering a sense of place

For most of us, our workplace is where we spend most of our time. Why not make it a place where we can be better prepared to navigate inevitable organisational change and complexities?

RAiN Chartered Accountants recognises the value of creating a thriving work environment for all by incorporating cutting-edge thought leadership concepts.

Dr. Karen Puren, Chair of Urban and Regional Planning at the North-West University, provides the following valuable insights on how to cultivate a sense of place to make the workplace a unique, pleasurable experience and ultimately, to build a more prosilient workforce.

Unpack the concepts

The link between sense of place and prosilience with one’s work environment can only make sense if you understand what proactive, resilience and sense of place entails:

Assure a prosilient workforce by considering a sense of place3

Tailor the space for a strong sense of place

Organisations need to develop and offer individuals and groups in their workplace something specific, customised to their workplace context. Here is how RAiN Chartered Accountants specifically uses four principles to create a unique sense of place in order to develop a more prosilient workforce.

Assure a prosilient workforce by considering a sense of place3

Stronger space, stronger organisational outcomes

The results of continually building a stronger sense of place will, eventually, speak for themselves. These can include: (i) potentially less stress for employees, (ii) a more resilient group of employees, (iii) a platform for lifelong learning where employees can consistently learn from one another and from external stakeholders. In essence, a prosilient workforce and a more creative solution driven workplace.

Forward-thinking for organisational benefits

Incorporating sense of place and prosilience in a corporate environment like RAiN revolves around three main advantages: it fosters a sense of belonging to a unique group or environment; ownership is taken by employees because they can identify with the group on a personal level, and it assures long term sustainability due to the diverse range of accounting and assurance services the company provides.

Assure a prosilient workforce by considering a sense of place3

For more info on these concepts, email Dr. Puren at karen.puren@nwu.ac.za.

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